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At SaniTECH Victoria Cleaning we know that accidents happen including sometimes when you have pets. Our trained Stain and Pet Odours removal / cleaning technicians are experts when removing pet stains and pet odour.

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Trust in our Professional Commercial and Residential Stain and Pet Odours Removal Services Available in Victoria and the Southern Vancouver Island Area


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Whether you need a small or large stain removed, our team can bring the right equipment and solvents to get the job done effectively. We use the safest cleansers to ensure children and pets are fully protected.

  • Pet Stain Removal
  • Wine Stain Removal
  • Food Stain Removal
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If stubborn pet odours are ruining your enjoyment of your home, call us today. Let us help you restore the sweet-smelling environment that will make life so much more pleasant for you and your family.

  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Allergy & Asthma Relief
  • Sanitize & Deodorize
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Stain and Pet Odours Removal

Over 35 Years of Cleaning Services in Victoria and the Southern Vancouver Island Area

Accidents happen, no matter how careful we are. Fortunately, SaniTECH has Stain and Pet Odours removal technicians specially trained to remove unsightly spots and soiling. We have a fantastic success rate at removing most stains and blemishes.

On the day we clean for you, our technician will carefully inspect your stain(s), determine the best product and methods required to treat the stain and give you a thorough appraisal of the situation. Even though our customers swear we perform miracles, some stains may be permanent or require multiple applications to remove all residues. With SaniTECH you can trust that if the stain can come out – we have the expertise to get it out.

Stain and Pet Odours Removal Solutions For a Fresh and Clean Environment

Fido and Fluffy are loving family members but sharing your home with them is not without its drawbacks. If your house pet is unwell or nature calls at an inopportune time, your lovely carpet or furniture can very quickly sport a smelly, ugly pet stain.

We can help you with pet stain and odor removal, so that your carpets and upholstery are looking great and smelling fresh again. The skilled technicians at SaniTECH use a variety of products and methods that can eliminate urine and fecal odors by going straight to the source whether they’ve been deposited in carpet or furniture. Odors should be eliminated when they first occur; the longer the source of an odor remains on a surface, the deeper it will penetrate, and the harder it will be to remove. We have a success rate ranging between 80-90% depending primarily on how long the stain has been in the fiber.

Please note that pet urine can cause permanent damage to textiles as well as create an unhealthy indoor living environment if not removed promptly. If the urine has been left too long untreated it may not respond to regular cleaning efforts. If you are experiencing persistent and severe odor, our SaniTECH Stain and Pet Odours removal specialists are experienced in providing a restoration alternative over and above normal cleaning such as replacing the padding beneath the carpet and treating the sub floor with antimicrobial sprays, sanitizers and deodorizers.

Hand Tailored Stain and Odour Removal

Every Stain and odour problem has a unique solution and we tailor our cleaning services to your needs. Whether it’s a pet issue or a party foul, we can help.

35 Years Fabric Cleaning Experience

If you are trusting someone with your stain and odour removal, you want them to be able to be a specialist. We are experts with 35 years of cleaning experience in Victoria and the Southern Vancouver Island area.

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Our Stain and Pet Odours removal experts are standing by to help you uncover the beauty that’s hiding beneath those stains! Call us today for a free estimate.

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Customer Reviews

We love reading what our clients have to say about our great service. We pride ourselves in the quality work we do for every one of our customers. Enjoy a few of the excerpts below.

SaniTECH 5 Star Customer Reviews Stars Only for carpet rug upholstery and tile cleaning

“We got our main area rug in Turkey during the 1990s. After about a decade the fringe started yellowing and colours faded. Thank you SaniTECH for repairing one of our most prized possessions”

~ G. Moore ~

SaniTECH 5 Star Customer Reviews Stars Only for carpet rug upholstery and tile cleaning

We absolutely love Sani-Tech. We can always count on them to clean and prepare our rugs on schedule. We are a family of procrastinators so it’s greatly appreciated when we need our floors and rugs cleaned that SaniTECH can do it in such a reasonable time frame.

~ M. Black ~

SaniTECH 5 Star Customer Reviews Stars Only for carpet rug upholstery and tile cleaning

“My husband and I have been taking our rug to be cleaned by Sani-Tech twice a year for the last 10 years. They still look amazing. We are looking forward to handing them down to our children.”

~ G. Marble ~